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We provide Dover with expert exhaust servicing and repairs

Quality exhaust maintenance and exhaust replacement

Do you need a new bracket for your exhaust or are you having trouble with your catalytic converter?

At Poulton Service & Exhaust Centre, our technicians will find the problem and make sure your exhaust problems are addressed. Whether you visit us for exhaust maintenance or an exhaust replacement, we try to find the root of the problem, and fix it before you have any more trouble.

Oxygen Sensor Repair

An oxygen sensor controls your emission. If it fails, it will put a fault light on your dash board and should be diagnosed as soon as possible to avoid overfuelling. This would cause premature wear to the catalytic convertor.

DPF replacement

If a diesel particulate filter (DPF) blocks up, it will cause the vehicle to lose power and go into ‘limp’ mode. Call us for advice if your DPF light comes on.

Fast and reliable service

We understand that having your car fixed quickly is important. We aim to have your car back to you as quickly as possible whilst still providing quality exhaust servicing.

Servicing and replacement

The team at Poulton Service & Exhaust Centre in Dover offer a full range of exhaust services and exhaust replacements for your vehicle and any of its components. Our exhaust care services cover:

  • Manifolds
  • Catalytic converters
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Lambda/oxygen sensors
  • Complete exhaust system installation
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