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Starter motor, battery and alternator services in Dover

Car battery professionals

When it comes to reliable and efficient cars, car batteries and starter motors need to be in excellent condition. Followed by the car alternator, your electrics work in harmony to keep your car running. At Poulton Service & Exhaust Centre, our Dover and Kent professionals specialise in keeping your battery and starter motor in premium condition. We offer comprehensive services and diagnoses to ensure that your car electrics are functioning at their best.

Starter motor

Having issues with starting your car? Is your vehicle slow and sluggish to start? It could be your starter motor or battery. Our Dover professionals specialise in providing expert repairs when it comes to your starter motor.

Car alternator

Faulty alternators lead to numerous inconvenient electrical faults. At Poulton Service & Exhaust Centre, our professionals provide regular car alternator checks to ensure charges of 14 amps for passenger cars.

Car battery

Your car battery is critical to the performance of your car, requiring regular testing to check on condition and percentage of charge. We boast the equipment necessary to check batteries, starter motors and alternators.

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